The KamMobile System Explained

KamPay’s objective is to promote mass adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa. After taking time to understand the region’s needs, we discovered that Africa has two unique obstacles hindering the mass adoption of crypto. First is the lack of or poor internet connectivity, and second, the low smartphone penetration.

The number of the adult population with access to mobile services is growing fast, but the penetration of smartphones is still low to enable mass crypto adoption. Similarly, internet connection is low, especially in remote areas. From our research, only a 1/3 of mobile phone users in Africa has access to mobile phone with the internet. Without solving these two problems, mass adoption of crypto in Africa could be a mission impossible.

That’s why we came up with KamMobile, a product that will enable Africans to transact cryptocurrencies as simple as sending a text message. KamMobile eradicates the need for internet connectivity and smartphone or complex technologies to transact cryptocurrency. With this product, users will use SMS to buy and sell tokens offline with just a simple mobile phone. 

KamMobile is the solution to the internet and smartphone problem in Africa. The KamMobile technology borrows from mobile money service, which is very successful across Africa. The mobile money service uses a pretty simple mechanism, where mobile users’ funds are stored in an electronic wallet that is linked to their phone number.

KamMobile uses a more advanced technology called the SMS Cryptobank system. This is an automated crypto banking system powered by cryptocurrency. The system enables users to open crypto accounts by simply sending an SMS to our automated banking system. They just need to choose their password and open an account. The system uses automated voice authentication, a more robust security feature for the account.

With the account opened, users can deposit funds into the account. They have the choice to keep the funds in local currency or swap it for stable coins like USDT or any other crypto coin. All communications are through SMS and automated voice verification. The automated system enables the transfer of funds, withdrawal and deposits. 

KamPay is not just enabling users to transfer cryptocurrency to other users but also to buy goods and services. We want the system to work just the same as the mobile money services. Our users will be able to pay for merchandise using the KamPay system. 

To protect our users from fraud, we are using cryptographic algorithms to secure the SMS crypto banking system. All KamPay merchants are issued with cryptographic code, which is attached to a specific wallet, and buyers can easily validate it. To make payments, buyers ask for the merchant code and using cryptographic methods, they can validate it.

The buyer will then send us a request for transfer by sending us an SMS with the merchant code and the amount to be transferred. After authorising payment and the buyer has enough funds in the wallet. Once approved, we send the buyer the authorisation code. 

The merchant also receives the authorisation code, which they validate by cryptographic method and provide the buyer with goods or services. That’s how the system works.

The KamMobile is currently in the development stages with patenting the technology, and SMS to crypto wallet development is now in the process. There will be a lot of development going ton Q1 2022 to put the infrastructure and all the legal documents needed. The beta version will be in Q3 2022, according to our roadmap. 

Upon launching, the KamMobile system will spread across Africa to promote mass crypto adoption. We plan to partner with telco companies to reach millions of Africans with access to mobile phones.

Yigal Weinberger


Yigal Weinberger has worked as a lead Data Scientist with some of the biggest security companies in the world, and has been a programmer, hacker and self-proclaimed data geek since he was 11.