NFT Auction Time: Kampay & Coding Africa proud to announce partnership with Unuversre

We are thrilled to announce that Unuverse has partnered with KamPay and Coding Africa, to join the education revolution in Africa. Unuverse is a community-driven project and animal-themed collection of 3,333 NFTs that represent different species of the animal kingdom. According to Julian Gaertner, CEO of, the company was created to help people gain an understanding of why biodiversity is essential for an ecosystem while learning about coding. “There is a powerful connection between these two realms. We have to think that way for the long-term benefit of a community”, says the CEO. Gaertner also recognizes that education and resources are fundamental elements in the fight against pollution and the extinction crisis, and hopes that the new partnership with KamPay and Coding Africa helps spread the message. ”We are very happy to partner on this vibrant community and its complementary causes.”

Together, Kampay and the Coding Africa initiative not only provide education, but also new means of empowerment and income for students in Africa. Unuverse will join us to provide education on important animals in an ecosystem and how to protect the species to keep the ecosystem healthy. The idea is that students can also earn a valuable UNU asset while engaging with new knowledge. Unuverse will gift five Impact NFTs (Animal Kingdom 3333) valued at min 0.6ETH per NFT to the KamPay/Coding Africa initiative. The company also has plans to auction off the NFTS to the highest bidder and KamPay will be able to distribute the proceeds of the auctions to the causes that are aligned with our common goal: raising awareness of the protection of biodiversity and bringing high-quality education to African youths.

We have carefully chosen partners to work with and develop our projects while creating positive changes to their ecosystems.

Our first initiative is Foster Friends Uganda, a humanitarian organisation that helps people who are struggling by bringing them closer to solutions that can help them walk away from situations of extreme vulnerability. They will be receiving funds from the sale of UNU #890 African Sharptooth catfish (WATER).

Our second initiative is 'Rescue Perishing Generation', a non-governmental initiative from Sierra Leone focused on the development of girls and women in Africa. Their projects are designed to make Africa a better place for its female populations and they will be receiving the funds from the sale of Unuverse’s UNU #1132 African Sideneck Turtle (LAND) sale.

Our third intiative is Loveworld International School is an education institution based in Accra, Ghana which you may recognise from our launch event! They value giving students the resources to achieve outstanding academic performances. The school counts on well-trained professional facilitators to help kids get closer to their academic development. The school will be receiving the funds from Unuverse's African Pygmy Goose (AIR) NFT.

C.A.S.T organisation is also on the list of partners and their work is focused on community development and creating initiatives that can break the cycle of poverty in Africa with holistic activities and ideas. They will be receiving the funds from the sale of UNU #1008 Vundu (WATER) sale.

Africa Agility are our final cause, a fast-rising NGO that has been working hard to create empowering initiatives to support the young females in Africa and will be granted the funds from the sale of UNU #2130 African puff adder (LAND) NFT.

Together with all these institutions, we will create various activities to promote biodiversity protection and awareness while bringing more knowledge and growth opportunities to our communities.

As partners, Unuverse and KamPay/Coding Africa team will engage in various activities that promote biodiversity protection, environmental awareness, and fun, long-term thinking in our communities. Furthermore, Unuverse lists impact projects improving soil and water resources in Africa for people and animals and  Coding Africa students will have a space where they can suggest their own projects and get funding through the UNU DAO. Through a series of learning competitions, Coding Africa students will also get the chance to get awarded UNU Animal Impact NFTs as productive digital assets minting UNU Token. We are excited to have a new partner that will help us go further and create a more powerful network of students, ESG experts, and grassroots impact projects. Stay tuned to our socials, as we regularly share new developments, partnerships, and important announcements.

About Unuverse

Unuverse is a community-driven project and animal-themed collection of 3,333 NFTs. Bringing rare animals into the metaverse and protecting them in this world. Each NFT represents a different race from the animal kingdom and the entire collection acts as a decentralized database for endangered species, similar to the United Nations Red List. By owning the native token, $UNU, or one of the NFT animals, users gain governance rights over the Unuverse DAO and can vote to fund multiple projects promoting biodiversity and the protection of endangered species.

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About Coding Africa

Coding Africa is an initiative developed by Kampay that aims to empower young people in Africa to find opportunities in technology (including blockchain) to better their lives and change the world. And by implementing a “Learn to Earn” concept, we will enable students to invest in their abilities and make the most out of their education.

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