KamPay x StarMetaverse

KamPay announces today a new partnership with StarMetaverse, joining forces to broaden the opportunities to African citizens in the Metaverse. StarMetaverse aims to bring people together for an incredible digital experience based on Education and Entertainment.

As KamPay works to create a financial alternative and expand cryptocurrency adoption across Africa, integrating the continent into the Metaverse has  become a necessary step in the direction of its Economic Revolution. With StarMetaverse, that necessity becomes a reality, creating the perfect gateway for Africa to join this new universe. This new collaboration will allow access to business opportunities, education, sports and entertainment for many  African citizens. It will also widen the scope of synergies for the KamPay Ecosystem and their partners, starting with Coding Africa.

“By expanding Coding Africa’s Learn to Earn methodology to the Metaverse, we can give these children unlimited access to new opportunities to integrate themselves in this new reality and potentially building their own.” explains Dr. Chris Cleverly, CEO of KamPay. Children enrolled in the program will be able to not only prepare for the future by learning how to code, but also actively participate in the tokenized, decentralised land being built by StarMetaverse.

StarMetaverse brings together Cinema, Sports, Learning and Entertainment, exploring the endless possibilities in a digital reality. They offer a place where people can make connections without the limitations of real life, like, for example, having an opportunity to meet celebrities and thought leaders in a way that would be impossible in any other setting. 

Muayad Kafesha, Founder and CEO of StarMetaverse, affirms that this cooperation will open possibilities for millions of Africans. “As KamPay works towards changing the African Economy, StarMetaverse will complement KamPay’s ecosystem, bringing more possibilities, freed by ‘real life’ limitations.”, concludes the Kafesha.

About StarMetaverse

STAR METAVERSE is a world reimagined to bring together Cinema, Sports and Entertainment, exploring the world of possibilities in digital and reality. This is a land where Stars hangout and offer access without the boundaries like in real life. Stars from different industries like cinema, sports and entertainment have a huge fan base, and in real life being in the right place and right time or making your way to even a concert or a sports match won't give you access to them on a personal basis. But with Star Metaverse, everyone will have an opportunity to meet the Star-Partners of the Star Metaverse and way more opportunities that can be imagined. 

About KamPay

KamPay entered the cryptocurrency market to be part of an economic revolution that can trigger positive changes all over Africa. The company is administered by a multifaceted team that combines efforts and knowledge to revolutionize the way users handle cryptocurrencies and mobile money and offers digital solutions that can be groundbreaking for the African economy. As crypto and mobile adoption grows exponentially, KamPay envisions and works every day to guarantee that its products and services can grow side-by-side with the world’s largest growing economy and fulfill the particularities of the crypto market.

George Hung

Chief of Staff

George Hung our chief of staff is a leader in management and B2B relations, running multiple successful business across many boarders.