How KamPay Is Working With National Lotteries

How KamPay Is Working With National Lotteries 

KamPay and national lotteries in Africa have been a big topic, especially in the countries we operate. There are some finer details that several lottery enthusiasts have not gotten right, including KamPay's involvement in these lotteries. 

Following on from the questions we've been getting from our community, today we explain how people around the world will be able to participate in lotteries using KamPay. We've partnered with CM Lotto allowing people to bet on different national lotteries, no matter where they are geographically located. 

Our primary role is to provide a payment solution that enables lottery enthusiasts to participate in cross-border lotteries. For a long time, most Africans would only play lotteries in their own countries as they could not access other multinational lotteries, the same way African national lotteries were not accessible to the global community.

CM Lotto, our partner, is a company managed and operated by Verise Cameroon Limited and supports a range of popular national lotteries, including EU Millions, EuroJackpot, UK Lotto, and many others. There are also many national lotteries from different countries around Africa on CM Lotto. However, the number of African participants outside their borders is very small.

The major obstacle towards African participation in cross-border lotteries is currency. Inaccessibility to currencies needed to play lotteries remains a big problem. For example, to participate in EU Millions, you need Euros. This means many Africans without access to forex exchange or foreign currencies have no way of participating in EU Millions.

This is where KamPay comes in and solves the problem by providing a standardized currency. Our platform lets users bet using the KamPay token ($KAMPAY) on all national lotteries. This means gamers in countries we operate in will just need $KAMPAY to participate in all national lotteries supported by the KamPay Lottery platform. 

So we are providing a solution that will enable more lottery enthusiasts to participate in multinational lotteries. It is a super efficient platform that makes it easy to place bets and get paid for the winning bets. So how does the entire KamPay lottery ecosystem work?


Users can participate in national lottery using our payment gateway. Users will only need to hold KamPay to cover the cost of the lottery ticket and they are good to go. The KamPay Payment solution is designed to integrate with the KamPay wallet. Immediately the user picks a lottery, tokens in their wallet are used to complete the payment process. 

KamPay already has existing state lottery payment gateway partnerships for Cameroon, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Zambia, Chad, and Guinea, representing an adult population of over 48 million people. Immediate plans include the acquisition of lottery payment partnerships in Niger and Liberia. Therefore, our lottery pool will be getting bigger with time, and this is also opening up African national lotteries to the world. 

KamPay has plans to enable lottery enthusiasts to participate in cross-border lotteries both online and via mobile. Through our KamMobile and Point of Sale (POS) systems, we will ensure that everyone has a fair chance to participate in lucrative cross-border lotteries. 

Raymond Sze


Raymond Sze is the managing director of Solocas, a global gaming company. He is a serial entrepreneur with an eye for strategic marketing and a passion for e-gaming. Raymond brings over a decade of business experience from the e-gaming industry to KamPay, some of which includes his time as CEO to a global gaming company.