Educate and Revolutionise - KamPay x SHARKCODERS

Educate and Revolutionise - KamPay x SHARKCODERS Partnership Announcement

The 11.11 news marathon doesn’t stop. A new partnership has bloomed, this time we are teaming up with SHARKCODERS, a Portuguese coding school network and passion project made to help children and teens enter the coding world. Considering that one of KamPay’s goals is technological accessibility for everyone, when the chance came up for this partnership, it seemed like a match made in heaven. 

SHARKCODERS - Geniuses of Tomorrow teach technology, programming, game creation, mobile applications and robotics to children and teenagers from 5 to 17 years old, in a playful and fun way. With an exclusive and innovative teaching methodology, SHARKCODERS - Geniuses of Tomorrow are helping prepare the future of our society. They have helped many children achieve tech literacy and are now looking to make a difference in Africa.

The KamPay team is super excited to be kicking off this partnership, which is set to go live early next year. “Nothing is going to make the African economic revolution more inclusive than education and access to technology, and we are tackling all of this with our recent partnership with Sharkcoders and new tech developments such as KamMobile”, says KamPay CEO Chris Cleverly.

“It is very exciting to be taking our program to new countries where we can empower children and teenagers to take on STEM jobs and use their skills to develop new tech and better their societies in the future”, adds Andreas Vilela, founder and CEO of SHARKCODERS.

By combining their learning platform and exclusive teaching methodologies with the KamPay team’s structure, expertise and experience in the African continent, we are creating a Code Academy to help shape the future of the African economic revolution. “First we will start with Cameroon and Zimbabwe and aim to expand such a transformational project into all remaining 52 countries across the continent and anywhere on the globe where there are curious minds,” concludes Cleverly.

With a program that will be available in Portuguese and English (more languages to be confirmed), we hope to make a positive impact on younger generations, giving them all the tools they will need to navigate in a world dominated by crypto and blockchain technology. 


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