Datavault® and KamPay Announce New Partnership

April 14, 2022 – Data Vault Holdings, Inc., announces today a new partnership with Kampay, joining efforts to widen the scope of opportunities to African citizens to safely handle their digital assets. Datavault® provides first-tier technology in tokenomics and metaverse data visualization and, together with KamPay digital monetization initiatives, will enter the African market to optimize data sharing in multiple countries. 

As the number of unbanked African inhabitants gets closer to 100 million, Datavault® and KamPay will work together to bring efficient financial alternatives to modernize the implementation of cryptocurrencies in the continent. Due to the inaccessibility of standardized financial services, Africa has for long been dealing with issues such as low trust bank, low grade services and lack of access to information. Kampay’s technology helps users monetize personal data and Datavault®, as a a representative of a new, modernized wave of data ownership and offers solutions to transform and maximize raw data into monetized assets. The company targets users and businesses that deal with the value of information daily and offers the market automated and simple tools to generate revenue, secure, and optimize diverse data. 

The new collaboration will widen the scope of the services provided by both initiatives and promote the solutions offered to bring more opportunities for users of both platforms. Datavault® joins KamPay intending to optimize the data shared by customers all over the African continent without forgetting the importance of safeguarding and securing customers’ digital assets. 

Nathaniel Bradley, CEO of Data Vault Holdings, claims that the cooperation carries unprecedented possibilities for millions. “As KamPay cryptocurrency reshapes commerce for simple daily acts such as paying and getting paid, Datavault® will build on the complementary capabilities of KamPay in the midst of the mobile platform’s rapidly growing digital asset ecosystem.”, shared the co-founder. Datavault® technology will assist mobile and desktop app users to unlock derivative data within a personal account to transform into data objects for monetization, to be bought, sold, and traded through the Datavault® platform’s Information Data Exchange®. Furthemore, Datavault® will help foment future technology of the data market into KamPay’s business model and will play a primary role in funding the novelties of the company’s social initiatives. Both companies will combine efforts to drive opportunities for growth in industrial sectors that are becoming increasingly dependable on effective data administration. Data shared and distributed by KamPay’s users will be scanned and used to gain insights into different markets and to fulfill the social needs and multiple demands of African customers. 

Additionally, Datavault® offers an exclusive, trustworthy tool that interacts with data shared by customers via a customized channel that does not invade privacy matters. The company values user autonomy and two-way interactions and is constantly updating its technology to avoid third parties that can challenge the way users provide, transform, and renovate their information. Using the Datavault® platform, KamPay users will be able create NFTs to mint unique digital assets from art, GIFs, collectibles. The platform will also allow users to generate income by donating personal data through surveys, without losing the power to decide on how to share and grant access to their information.  “KamPay’s universal African currency will help to drive the adoption of the Datavault® platform as users recognize the monetary value of data stored within their securitized, private accounts. We are excited at what the future will bring to KamPay’s users, the millions of unbanked people throughout African nations” says Dr Chris Cleverly, CEO of KamPay. In addition to improvements in the data sharing and analysis processes, Datavault® will bring KamPay transformative technology that can be used to remodel and innovate internal advertising and marketing strategies, as well as provide them new revenue streams. “This partnership will help us fund some of our social initiatives - like Coding Africa, while also helping us better understand the different markets where we are present and their specific needs. Apart from data analysis, this partnership will be crucial in enhancing our future projects, like our upcoming NFT platform,” explains Cleverly. 

The new partnership can also bring improvements to the way KamPay manages digital rights. Datavault® provides next-generation digital watermarking solutions to identify, organize, and track the use of copyrighted data. Envisioning KamPay’s movements to follow up with the new forms of exchange and the constant growth of the cryptocurrency market, Datavault® also targets NFT protection and security within this sector. “Our company’s platforms offer incomparable levels of owner identity and asset verification. Our embedded ADIO(tm) packets establish an exclusive digital authentication to secure valuable digital and physical resources” -  Sonia Choi , President of ADIO™ LLC , a subsidiary of Data Vault Holdings.

The idea is that all the new technologies implemented in KamPay’s business model can better serve organizational needs and individuals and enhance their living standards. Currently, Africa is home to many emerging economies–Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, and Ivory Coast and it is estimated that the continent’s GDP will grow more than 20 times in the upcoming 25 years. Datavault® and KamPay collaboration will strengthen the data and crypto currency marketing in the area, playing a significant part in helping to revolutionize data acquisition, financial opportunities, and economic growth throughout African nations. “With our partnership with KamPay, Datavault® sees our mission coming back full circle. We are thrilled at the chance to contribute to the burgeoning economic growth of many African countries and we believe in the power of crypto technology in this process,” says Alfred Blair Blaikie III, President of Data Donate Technologies.

About Data Vault Holdings Inc

Data Vault Holdings Inc. offers technological solutions and a cloud-based platform for administering branded data-backed cryptocurrencies. The company provides businesses with the tools to securely monetize data assets and straightforward channels for data exchange. Datavault® patented technology provides a real-time valuation of datasets and empowers businesses to reassess and classify digital information and transform it into create actionable insights inside different industries and markets. 

About KamPay

KamPay entered the cryptocurrency market to be part of an economic revolution that can trigger positive changes all over Africa. The company is administered by a multifaceted team that combines efforts and knowledge to revolutionize the way users handle cryptocurrencies and mobile money and offers digital solutions that can be groundbreaking for the African economy. As crypto and mobile adoption grows exponentially, KamPay envisions and works every day to guarantee that its products and services can grow side-by-side with the world’s largest growing economy and fulfill the particularities of the crypto market.