Coding Africa is proud to announce the official endorsement of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al Qassimi

Coding Africa is proud to announce the official endorsement of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al Qassimi, Member of the Ruling Family of  the United Arab Emirates. Our team is honoured to have the support of H.H Sheikh Ahmed and his vision to help our initiative go further.

H.H. Al Qassimi has been growing businesses in different sectors with his management skills and strong professional background. H.H Sheikh Ahmed is an attested soccer fan and has supported young athletes in the country for over a decade. As a businessman and entrepreneur, H.H Sheikh Ahmed has always invested in ideas that are aligned with his goal of attracting investors and strong professionals to the UAE to make it a reference country in the international market.

H. H. Sheikh Ahmed is focus on strengthen the UAE’s capacity to open up to international businesses that can positively affect the national economy and solidify its position in the market of investments. Coding Africa is excited to have him on board, working with our team. We are sure that H. H. Sheikh Ahmed will offer us full support and help us reach more African countries with our educational solutions.

Last week, we announced our new ambassador and advisor Patrick Njoroge Wachira, a 13-year-old prodigy child and founder of the PNW Innovation Program, who is also part of H H Sheikh’s advisory team. We are blessed to have like-minded passionate people joining our team and look forward to combining our resources, insights, and knowledge to improve technological literacy in the African continent. H. H. Sheikh Ahmed, Patrick Wachira, and the Coding Africa team share the same goal and passion.

We believe in empowering young professionals with skills that will help them build a better future for themselves and successfully navigate a market full of opportunities. We look forward to working with them and are excited to see how far we can go together. The Coding Africa family is happy to have people that will genuinely impact the quality of our projects and initiatives. Access our official website and follow our social media accounts to get updates about what we are doing.