Coding Africa Ambassador Announcement: Welcome Zandile Matiwaza-Denga.

Coding Africa is delighted to announce our latest Ambassador for the programme, Zandile Matiwaza-Denga.

Zandile is a multi-faceted dynamic individual whose dexterity in the business landscape was recently affirmed by winning the international Fin Best women in agriculture & Agri- processing in the United Arab Emirates in November 2021. Outside her award-winning feats, Zandile is passionate about sustainable development and has adopted a “pull as I rise” initiative where among others, the women and the youth are empowered to see beyond the hurdles which blinker their confidence and ultimately their ambitions.

Zandile is a pan-Africanist with a strong presence within strategic planning, financial modelling, procurement, and tech space. She has worked with government entities, social enterprises, academic institutions and also organisations that are purely non-profit ensuring that the marginalised and disenfranchised within society can alter the negative predetermined life outcomes to which they are routinely subjected to.

Zandile is passionate about innovative Agro sustainable socio-economic growth and has adopted a “pull as I rise” initiative where among others, the women and the youth are empowered from subsistence farming to value -addition focused on Agro-industrialisation, It is also worth noting that,. her Agri-smart solutions have attracted media houses such as BBC UK, Pan African Vision, Southern Times and many more international media houses.

Together with Zandile, Coding Africa aims to provide quality technological education to all children across the continent. With an evolving world, our mission is to prepare children for the future and provide job opportunities in technological industries by bringing programmes such as python, Mobile App development and blockchain to better their lives and change the world. By implementing a “Learn-to-Earn” concept, we will enable students to invest in their abilities and make the most out of their education.

Lastly, Zandile sits on the Boards of several companies and foundations across the African continent and this has seen her contribute to the economic well-being of countries with footprints in many African companies. Zandile is crucial in our mission to extend our reach across Southern Africa and additional territories to provide Coding Africa access to schools and youth organisations.

We look forward to working closely together with Zandile and her willing and dedicated team in achieving our educational goals.

A heartfelt welcome to the Coding Africa family.

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