5 groundbreaking projects that rely on blockchain technology to make it happen

Understanding all the possibilities that the era of blockchain technology can open to people, our goals and our ideas go beyond the scope of this article. We have been witnessing the constant uprising of this market and how much it has positively impacted our lives as family members, entrepreneurs, professionals, and humans striving to build a better, safer future. Blockchain technology can empower creative, visionary minds and be a great ally when it is time to put ideas into practice. Here are a few novel companies that befriended blockchain to turn themselves into reality and bring ideas that can upgrade ours.


The Nigerian Ogundele Olawumi Mayow is a system development and blockchain expert who decided to use everything he has learned about blockchain technology to embrace a new niche and bring help and facilitating ideas to farmers looking to make their living in emerging economies. Mayow is currently the CEO of Agroplexi, a decentralized blockchain focusing on improving the agricultural value chain in nations that are still struggling to stabilize their markets. The concept was created to carefully consider all the sub-parts that might play a role in developing emerging agricultural economies and welcome institutions, producers, and stakeholders that can combine efforts to keep nourishing the development of this sector. Agroplexi multifaceted design was developed with top-notch automated technology adaptable to the changes that the blockchain industry might bring to those who hold blockchain assets. Users can trade their digital assets for tokens (named XAG, created explicitly for Agroplexi) in their P2P wallets and secure them as part of the network for future investments. This flexibility allows farmers and other cooperators to negotiate regardless of location, financial history, or time constraints.


The company, created in 2010 by the American attorney and entrepreneur Jason Velez, joined the market to upgrade the quality of citizens who still suffer the negative consequences of being part of a flawed legal system that fails to represent all the ones in need. Velez identified the gap by realizing that, only in America, more than 80.000 non-criminal cases are not correctly represented according to the laws of the United States. The idea for 1LAW came from the wish to promote an equal distribution of access to a reliable justice system that guarantees each case has affordable representation in court. The company relies on artificial intelligence to provide more convenient access to legal services and documents, free of charge. The goal is to make the law market more transparent and decentralized, allowing underrepresented citizens to have access to legal representation as a fundamental right that does not depend on their financial background. 1LAW’s platforms also allow lawyers to communicate more directly and share and store case files and data with first-tier security technology.


By leveraging the application of blockchain technology and attracting the attention of users spread across the globe, Injii makes fundraising simpler and more secure. The founder and CEO, Justin Paul, designed a streaming platform to bring together donators, charities, NGOs, and content creators to promote empowerment and raise awareness on global issues such as lack of human rights, social justice, and public health, and life below the poverty line. Paul’s goal for Injii is to eliminate the costs behind fundraising services, creating a system where all the donated money goes directly to the causes in need. With Injii, users can easily navigate multiple charity causes and choose the ones they want to engage with based on their preferences.  They can make direct contributions to donor vaults or create funds by watching videos and engaging with content produced by other users. Every transaction can be tracked by blockchain technology, so users can rest assured that everything they donate goes straight to the cause they are eager to help. 


InspirationCoin was created to decentralize the field of motivational speeches, bringing blockchain technology to connect those who have something to say and those who need to hear. The inspiration coin is an ERC20 token that bridges the gap between speakers and groups that might benefit from their messages. As the profit rates of the self-help and self-development industry in the United States have surpassed the billion-dollar margin for the past eight years, Lance Allred identified that it needed a modern change. No more agents, no more exorbitant fees for potential engagements and matches between speakers and listeners. Allred’s token connects speakers from all over the world with different groups that might need them, including NGOs, business corporations, and schools. This e-coin solves the affordability of motivational professionals, making “inspiration” an accessible service. 


Votem’s purpose in the market is to bring more transparency to elections and guarantee that voters have their choices truly counted as they intended. Votem’s platform was created to make the voting process easier and faster without affecting the security of actors in a democratic ecosystem. Pete Martin’s innovative company uses blockchain technology to guarantee the safety and verifiability of votes. The company’s technical framework Proof of Vote can be used in multiple voting events and generate encrypted data that can be used to verify, authorize, and authenticate the choice of voters while also securing their anonymity.