1111 - MELD X KAMPAY Partnership Announcement

KAMPAY and MELD are proud to announce today a partnership focused on supporting each other's wallets and protocols to offer a complete financial service to African countries.

As KamPay operates lottery systems in several countries. This partnership will build a wallet integration where KamPay lottery winners can collect their winnings in the KamPay wallet and then use this as collateral to borrow against Fiat . The loans will be interest free and self paying. Once the loan is paid off the collateral will be available in the KamPay wallet again. This will incentivise lottery winners to save their money and only leverage a small amount into fiat.

Additionally, KamPay lottery winners can also buy crypto or mine crypto directly through the MELD app.

We will be working to share processes and functionality between our protocols, MELD and KAMPAY will work together to integrate mutual functionality and support each other's ecosystems. This includes the following:

By KamPay

  • KAMPAY wallet will gain access into MELDs lending markets for traders to be able to seamlessly borrow and lend. 
  • KAMPAY to support the integration of the MELD protocol;
  • KAMPAY to deliver a technical documentation for the integration of KamPay wallet assets;
  • KAMPAY to support the integration asset transfers into the MELDapp to enable web3 connectivity to and from the KAMPAY system;
  • KAMPAY will recognize and support the MELD protocol tokens


  • MELD protocol to provide collateralization and lending into KAMPAY customer wallets that are connected to the MELDapp 
  • Expose MELD lending and borrowing functionality to KamPay users to purchase and borrow key assets;
  • MELD will recognize and support the KAMPAY wallet API
  • MELD will support the collateralization of the KAMPAY Token for use in the MELDapp and on the protocol.

We are very excited about this partnership as it is a display of true DeFi between two leaders in the crypto market. 

Stay tuned for more updates to follow, and of course connect with us on Telegram and Twitter.