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Empowering the next generation with
Learn to Earn

A team dedicated to creating an economic revolution in Africa, with experience from Crypto, gaming, operations and charitires within the ranks. We have the right skills and to make a difference.


Q4 2021

Start platform developments for “mobile-first” approach and adaptation for all mobile screens and platform activities

Pedagogical team start to prepare content adaptation (resources) to support cultural and language needs;

Release the newest SHARKCODERS platform (2.0 Beta version) ready for internal testers;

Q1 2022

    2.0 Beta Version launched and feedback gahtered

    Ongoing partners & governments translations and cultural checking

    Pedagogical will adapt content according to previous meeting (feedback from translations and cultural checking needs);

    Software development team will iterate and adapt everything based on Pedagogical team adaptations;

    All content are fully adapted for “CODING AFRICA” soft launch;
    Release the SHARKCODERS platform (2.0 version);

      Q2 2022

      4 week development period for bugs during soft launch

      4 week development period for bugs during soft launch

      Launch, Cameroon & Zimbabwe

      Marketing material to promote via PR & YouTube Series

      Under Development



      Growing the wealth
      of farmers

      A pilot program for 50k farmers in Zimbabwe to gain access into blockchain via KamPay, providing micro lending and with plans to expand to a million by the end of 2022.