crypto without
internet is coming

200m in Africa have a mobile phone with internet.

400m don’t.

We’re launching with 10 million

Partnered with YooMee mobile in Cameroon we will be launching our service to over 10 million mobile money users in Africa, with plans to expand and grow to another 3 countries by Q3 2022


Q1 2022

Patent the technology

Develop SMS to crypto wallet set up for BETA testing with members within the community

Wallet will be connected to an online presence which users can then interact with for normal online behaviour (send, trade, withdraw)

Q2 2022

    Develop P2P trading on the BSC (locked in fees), you can SMS funds from your account to another account using KamMobile

    Deposit stable coin into the account via a linked credit card set up online with an SMS command

      Q3 2022

      Connect payment to mobile money to allow users to deposit and withdraw funds for those without credit cards

      Launch in beta environments

      Under Development