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The Project

We see the world changing and evolving faster than ever before and skills and literacy in technological fields becoming indispensable.

With that in mind, KamPay has partnered with SHARKCODERS, a Portuguese coding school network that provides coding classes to children and teens around the world. With a creative methodology, they have made tech learning appealing to young people and have managed to keep them engaged.

We are bringing this project to more countries around Africa, to empower young people to find opportunities in technology (including blockchain) to better their lives and change the world.

Starting in Ghana, we will expand over time.  We are fully committed to starting a social movement based on coding and shaping the future generations of Africa. But we don’t want the empowerment to stop at knowledge, so we introduced a learn to earn section to the project.

Learn to Earn

As students work their way through the classes, they will unlock different Learn to Earn levels, where they receive financial rewards in KamPay token, which they will be able to use to buy tech equipment and data plans.

The goal is to encourage students to stick with the program and improve their equipment over time. With access to the technology as well as the knowledge of programming and blockchain, they will be better prepared for their future.

Teenage students who stand out in the program will also be shortlisted for traineeships and other employment opportunities with our partners.

What is KamPay?

KamPay is changing lives in Africa with internetless crypto, learn to earn education programs, lottery payment solutions, low fee merchant solutions and more.

To find our more click the button below to watch our introductory video or visit our website for more information.

Learn to Earn

A team dedicated to creating an economic revolution in Africa, with experience from Crypto, gaming, operations and charities within the ranks. We have the right skills and to make a difference.


Our coding courses will be available on the platform for children in K1 - K4 classes, and with time will be available for those in K5 - K12 as well. The courses will be offered in English, Portuguese and French and to make sure these are interesting to the local children, all classes will be adapted with meaningful storytelling and games that will resonate with the culture they are inserted in.

Thinking about accessibility, and who we want to reach with this projects, we understand that a mobile option is very important, so we are developing a platform that will facilitate that type of access.

Using the data SHARKCODERS has accumulated over the past 4 years, we have noticed incredible changes in the lives of past students, and benefits that will help them in any path they choose to follow such as:

30% improvement in school performance
team work
future employability
tech knowledge
problem solving
logical thinking
focus and concentration
Maths and English skills


Q4 2021

Start platform developments for “mobile-first” approach and adaptation for all mobile screens and platform activities

Pedagogical team start to prepare content adaptation (resources) to support cultural and language needs;

Release the newest SHARKCODERS platform (2.0 Beta version) ready for internal testers;

Q1 2022

    2.0 Beta Version launched and feedback gathered

    Ongoing partners & governments translations and cultural checking

    Pedagogical will adapt content according to previous meeting (feedback from translations and cultural checking needs);

    Software development team will iterate and adapt everything based on Pedagogical team adaptations;

    All content are fully adapted for “CODING AFRICA” soft launch;
    Release the SHARKCODERS platform (2.0 version);

      Q2 2022

      4 week development period for bugs during soft launch

      4 week development period for bugs during soft launch

      Launch, Cameroon & Zimbabwe

      Marketing material to promote via PR & YouTube Series

      Under Development



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      Growing the wealth
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      A pilot program for 50k farmers in Zimbabwe to gain access into blockchain via KamPay, providing micro lending and with plans to expand to a million by the end of 2022.